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WELCOME to 'ROCK VOICES' Northamptonshires NO.1 Choir. We are not a standard Choir, we class this as your CHOIR!

Rock Voices was launched to get everyone singing, not just professional experienced singers. We cater for all levels of ability and want you to come along and enjoy singing. Are you a Mum or Dad that loves to sing whilst driving in your car? Do you sing in the shower? Then this is without doubt a choir for you! Singing is a very good stress reliever and will lift up your inner spirits, in the new Rock Voices you will come out of every session buzzing, excited and want to come back for more.

We put no pressure on anyone to perform solo spots, or to put you in the limelight if you don't wish to, this choir is a team choir we all work together to create an amazing/incredible sound. Megan & Hayley our Choir leads will help and support everyone during the course to help and develop your singing techniques; but remember Megan and Hayley will not pick you out of the choir and force you to sing in front of others, only if you want to.


Rock Voices will get you singing Soul, Motown, Pop, all high energy music to really give you the feel good choir!

                       Rock Voices Kettering Carnival 2012

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